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Status Name Symbol Description
 ICO upcoming
IAGON IAGON is a platform for harnessing the storage capacities and processing power of multiple smart devices over a decentralized Blockchain/Tangle grid.
 ICO upcoming
SCX Swachhcoin Foundation is a non profit organization whose primary objective is to work extensively to overhaul the waste management sector by acting as a complete technology developer and service provider in this domain
 ICO upcoming INVOX Invox Finance’s decentralised platform allows dynamic invoices to be created on a distributed ledger, benefiting all parties from an increase in trust, transparency, efficiency and security with minimal fees.
 ICO upcoming LCS LocalCoinSwap is building a P2P cryptocurrency exchange and launching an associated Cryptoshare ICO.
 ICO upcoming LND Lending block is creating the infrastructure to secure the future of the cryptoeconomy.
 ICO upcoming MASP Market.space is a decentralized self-regulatory system for data storage, transmission and direct content distribution
 ICO upcoming MYDFS MyDFS is a blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports platform from uTrener and KHL Fantasy apps creators.
 ICO upcoming ABYSS The Abyss is a next generation digital distribution platform with a strong accent on F2P browser and client MMO games, as well as cryptogames.
 ICO upcoming GBT Globatalent is an extraordinary revolution where you can invest in your worldwide sporting heroes.
 ICO upcoming WELL WELL is building the world’s first widely-used decentralized blockchain based marketplace for healthcare.
 ICO upcoming OMX SHIVOM is building the largest genomic and health data hub around the globe by combining blockchain, genomic DNA sequencing, artificial intelligence and cryptography to power secure and personalized medicine.
 ICO upcoming LLC Tradelize is a global cryptocurrency ecosystem and a suite of services that allows token holders to trade their crypto assets with confidence and make smarter investments through harnessing the wisdom of the smart crowd.
 ICO upcoming FLUX FLUX — unique global gaming platform that unites all parts of gaming industry ecosystem where players, developers, traders
 ICO upcoming ELI Eligma, a cognitive commerce platform, will be connecting existing e-commerces and second-hand marketplaces into a one-point-stop for users
 ICO upcoming BUY Bpay.io is designed to support as many digital currencies as possible, realizing their internal translation into the currency, which the main seller wants to accept as his/her basic currency
 ICO upcoming WT World Wi-Fi integrates private routers into a single network and provides free Internet all over the World!
 ICO upcoming AMBT Ambit Mining has a track record and experience in running a successful mining operation.
 ICO upcoming MIRA Mira is a software suite for buying, storing and sending cryptocurrencies in an easy and convenient way.
 ICO upcoming PDATA The PDATA token will be issued based on the Ethereum blockchain.
 ICO upcoming HVT Hive Power develops a platform which provides consumers with the possibility to benefit from the creation of electrical energy communities on the Ethereum blockchain.
 ICO upcoming MMTM With Momentum, companies can reward customers in exchange for their attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights, while giving the consumer full control over their personal data.